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Soal Man

soalman mediumThe justice system in the city of Sachter is broken. Teenage punks with big guns, small minds and no ambition roam about the darkest neighborhoods in search of prey. They fuel their anger with codeine-soaked joints and cheap liquor and finance their habits through theft, extortion, arson, and murder. Enter Romeo Soal, a loner who has vowed to give his ravaged city a jump-start. Working just outside the crumbling edges of the legal system, Soal takes on child molesters, dope dealers, deadbeat dads, and repeat offenders who have slithered through the cracks in the courthouse steps. Soal does his best to help those in need, but when P. Anderton Hillis, a wealthy businessman, asks him to murder his wife, Soal flatly refuses. Hillis is not accustomed to being told “no,” and is determined to do anything to get his way, including kidnapping Soal’s best friend, Nick Finch. While trying to rescue Finch, Soal must endure beatings, avoid police and stop an arsonist who has turned pyromania into an art form, all while struggling with his infatuation for Hillis’ personal secretary.

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